New Pricing for 2020-All Sessions Except Headshots

Over the years I've learned a few things.  1st that not as many people value photography and the experience and are will to pay $50 for subpar pictures in some cases.  And I get that.  I know budgets can be tight when you are raising a family. putting yourself through school or just adulting.  

Most often the reason they are able to offer you those low prices is because they are not doing business legally.  First they are not listed as a legal business if they are not a sole proprietor doing business under their legal first and last name.  See you have to take out something called a DBA that ties you to that unique and cool name.  Like J. Renee Images, LLC is not my legal name, it is Janet Johnson so I pay each year to register my businesses.  The first year it's about $300 because you have to take out a legal add in a paper twice.  That $50 in some cases isn't getting reported as income and taxes paid-again illegal, and then there is sales and use tax that most aren't reporting when necessary.  Add on to that websites, payment processing fees, training, insurance and for some Studio and equipment you quickly see why doing $50 sessions and giving a bunch of digital files after all the time editing is a losing proposition and the reason these illegal businesses usually don't stick with it.  This is about 50% of the photographers out there.  The others do great work and don't understand their cost at $50 and that they aren't making money and could work almost anywhere else.  

So I have tried to take that into consideration, the people that want digitals, what clients have ordered in the past, and my cost of doing business to come up with a price I can live with, and people that want a legal business with a qualified photographer that provides quality products.   So...ta..ta...ta.....da.......

All Sessions for 2020 will be $499.  This includes:

  • Up to 1 1/2 hours of coverage and up to 2 locations

  • High resolution Edited images in an on line gallery for reviewing and sharing and downloading the files

  • A print release (a print release allows you to reproduce the copyrighted images without modifying in any form without approval)

  • One gallery wrap canvas 11X14 of the image of your choice

  • Three 8X10 professional prints of the images of your choice

  • Five 5X7 professional prints of the images of your choice

Headshots-  In studio $75 for up to 30 minutes with on line digital gallery for viewing and download   Special rates for groups of 4 or more. On location charge based on driving distance and setup.