What's Included?

When you rent the studio you get the studio to yourself, use of all props, backdrops, lighting and dressing area.  

The studio is an artificial light studio with fluorescent lighting.  If you are a natural light photographer, it does not have windows except into the hall of the professional building.  

There is: 3 constant lights

                4 Honeybadger Strobe lights with moonlight and remotes for Sony, Nikon, Cannon and a universal.  

                 2 softboxes

                 1 Beauty Dish

                 1 45inch Octobox


                  1 snoot


                   12 X 56 Strip Softbox  with detachable egg crate


Various themed backdrops, barn wood, holidays, etc. 

Savage roll paper

Solid cloth backdrops

Large 20ft white and black fabric backdrop

Queen inflatable bed

White wood post headboard- also a victorian cloth backdrop/headboard, and purple/white

Props- Too many to mention



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